Who Are These TikTok Stars Brooklyn And Bailey? Let’s Find Out Now!

Brooklyn and Bailey Tiktok

If you’ve been using tiktok for a while, you’ve probably heard or seen the name Brooklyn and Bailey a lot. So, who exactly is Brooklyn and Bailey? What makes them so appealing on social media?

They first appeared on social media as photo models on their mother’s youtube channel, but it wasn’t until 2013 that twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey really rose to prominence with their Youtube channel.

Success after success, this pair of sisters launched their tiktok channel for the first time in July 2016 with a funny video. In the first video, the two sisters dance cutely to the music of LOVE IS OPEN DOOR while holding a sandwich.

How well-known is Brooklyn and Bailey tiktok channel?

They have released thousands of different videos up to this point. The videos are not overly elaborate, but they are highly effective. Overall, there are very few videos with fewer than 1M views. A total of nearly 205M likes and 6M followers is a desirable number for any TikToker.

What type of content do they make?

On TikTok, in addition to quickly catching the trend, these twin sisters created the trend by performing fast, powerful dances using popular TikTok sounds and adding their own text. Sometimes, Bailey occasionally works with her boyfriend to create amusing videos.

With a stunning appearance and a captivating voice, it’s easy to see why the Brooklyn Sisters’ tiktok channel has such a large following.

How about their Instagram and Youtube Channel?

On Youtube, Brooklyn and Bailey channel has approximately 7M subscribers with 512 videos. Unlike Tiktok, the twins’ YouTube channel focuses on their daily lives, such as “48 HOUR BABY CHALLENGE” or “WHAT WE GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2019”. On Instagram, they share happy moments with their friends and family.

When you visit Brooklyn and Bailey’s tiktok channel, you will notice a link to their own branded fashion shop.