TikTok: How a grieving sister’s campaign for justice went viral

Screenshot from TikTok, @SarahTurney

A woman called Sarah Turner has decided to hold her father accountable for her older sister’s murder having previously defended him for years. Her decision has sparked a viral TikTok campaign attracting many people to support her.

Sarah Turney was 12 when her 17-year-old sister, Alissa Turney, who was a student with a part-time job, went missing. Sarah was told by her father that Alissa had always had a fantasy of running away and that, consequently, she followed through with her ‘fantasy’ before she was killed.

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Sarah had no suspicion for years, even as suspicion swirled around her father’s possible involvement, as she continued to defend Michael Guillet (her father), who was a former sheriff’s deputy and electrician.

However, when Sarah turned 19, she started to suspect something…

How did the grieving sister campaign go viral

After believing that the father had nothing to do with the death, and being the last out of her five siblings to believe it wasn’t him, Sarah searched hard for answers before finally convincing herself that it might have actually been her father who had killed her sister.

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Detectives at that time told and encouraged Sarah to generate more publicity about the case and see if any fresh leads would come to the surface. Sarah did just that.

She began to build online platforms and launched an online petition for people to sign to get her dads arrest – which over 300,000 people signed.


Literally sobbing all day. I love you guys so much for what you’ve done for Alissa. #justiceforalissa #justiceforall #sisters #truecrime #people

♬ too tough to cry… sike – anna

She then created a podcast and a series of TikTok’s about Alissa Turney’s murder and gained tens of millions of views. Sarah Turney said: “I felt like I won the TikTok lottery.”

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Now, with Sarah aged 31, the campaign has gone viral, gaining support not just on TikTok but all over different social media.

The internet reacts to the grieving sister campaign

Sarah Turney herself speaks out about what happened and many have felt inspired by her speaking out about it and caused people to react with their own stories.

This person replies to the tweet above with words of support and to not to feel judged at all.

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This person feels empowered and inspired by Sarah Turney and her story – showing the positive effect Sarah’s has had on people.

The user replies with her own personal story and her relating to Sarah Turney – showing how people have been motivated to say their own stories by Sarah Turney

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