What Vibe Do I Give off Meme explained – and how to get involved!

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The What Vibe Do I Give off Meme is a meme game that has recently been circulating the internet where users are asking people what vibe they give off from chosen images.

The What Vibe Do I Give off Meme is a social game where there is there a range of images from different cartoon characters, to different food and drinks what I meant to define that person.

Such as pizzas with different toppings or different types of fizzy drink flavours and colours – where people will ask ‘what vibe do I give off?’ judging from each item.

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This trend was around earlier on the year around April time and has now resurfaced on social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Users are allowing their followers to define them through numbered items.

Examples and reactions of the What Vibe Do I Give off Meme

This person has different options to choose from; including what type of drink do people think he drinks – some being healthy like water to bad drinks like the energy drinks.

This person is asking his followers to see What Vibe Do I Give off Meme from the type of hot dog toppings – and one person is shocked at one the options.

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This person uses different types of birds and labels them with their ability – she asks her followers ‘what type of vibe’ they give off – this person thinks their vibe is ‘aerial fishing’ – the red bird.

What is the origin of the What Vibe Do I Give off Meme?

On April 21st, 2020, Facebook user Caroline Vondergeist uploaded an image they made with labelled characters and numbers with the caption ‘what vibe do I give off’.

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This got 2100 shares and 39,000 likes in nine days. Then popular meme page ‘Dank ADHD meme’ reposted it.

This then got 4000 reactions and 120,000 shares in just a week. This meme has been on-going ever since, but recently has been picked up by Twitter and has started trending again.

How to get involved in the meme

It’s easy! You can start by going on your social media like Facebook or Twitter and finding the meme – just type it in the search bar and choose what numbered images you want.

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Or you can make your own version by getting a bunch of similar pictures, that being meme characters, food or drink – pretty much anything with similarities and labeling them with numbers and upload it on your socials.

Once you’ve shared it just wait for your followers and friends to pick ‘what vibe you give off’ and see if you agree or not.

So what vibe do you give off ?