TikTok: What is the meaning of ‘ciusism’? Secret word revealed!


Many TikTok users have been confused by the new trending word ‘ciusism’! The word has been doing the rounds on TikTok but no one knows what it means and what it is!

Many comment sections have been flooded with people typing ‘ciusism’, leaving many creators confused and overwhelmed with the comments – some getting slightly freaked out by it.

This isn’t the first time a random word or hashtag has been trending, and people not having a clue what it means! The ‘xybcz’ trend was meant to bring in views but this word has no explanation… yet.

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The real meaning of ‘ciusism’ on TikTok

Well, the bad news is that the word doesn’t actually mean anything – it’s a made-up word created by the user @gadonkoze, but the good news is she does spread some positivity around it.

@gadonkoze has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and has recently created her online religion called ‘ciusism’ – in one TikTok she said ‘ciusium’ means “mind your business” when replying to a comment.

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Reply to @eva.hesse Essentially live and let live, love and let love #ciusism #religion #notacult #queer #haitian #blacktiktok

♬ original sound – W

However, even though this response is quite rude; she does pull positive annotations towards the word in her TikToks. Many of them telling her viewers to stay positive and be empathetic – and often to ‘appreciate black excellence’

This online religion she has created has become popular and very controversial on TikTok – with many people spamming comment sections with the word ‘ciusism’ after she told her fans to do so.

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So, basically, @gadonkoze is trying to spread positivity with this word, but by her tone and the goddess pictures of herself – we don’t know if there’s a meaning behind it or it’s just a troll!

The internet’s reaction to ‘ciusism’ on TikTok

This person is very concerned by the spamming of the word ‘ciusism’ on her TikTok comment section – this is what @gadonkoze has caused… lol.

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i’ve added the word to my blocked word list, and i recommend anyone else who was upset by it to do the same. #ciusism

♬ original sound – eli

This TikTok shows @gadonkoze telling her followers to spread the message and word of ‘Ciusism’ across the TikTok platform. This has proved to be successful but not everyone is happy.

This Twitter user is, again, confused by the comments saying ‘Ciusism’ and used Twitter to find out who is behind the word and the spam… she needs to read this article!

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