Who is Carla Medrano? Silhouette Challenge goes viral on Instagram and TikTok!

Screenshot, TikTok, @Carlamedranooficial

Carla Medrano takes on the latest trend that is taking over TikTok. The Silhouette Challenge has been sweeping across TikTok Carla is the latest of celebs to give it a go.

The radio presenter shared the video on her TikTok account and also her Instagram account, where the video went viral!

After sharing her video, the one question on everyone’s mind is ‘who is Carla Medrano?’

Who is Carla Medrano?

Carla Medrano is a radio presenter who was born in Houston Texas, USA.

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She is known as the ‘Mela’ of the Univison show El Bueno, La Mala and El Feo.

She is a huge internet personality with more than 900k followers on Instagram and more than 65k on TikTok.

She is 32 years old, and is very popular with fans of her radio show.

THAT Silhouette Challenge that went viral on Instagram and TikTok

Carla Medrano took on the Silhouette Challenge that has been taking TikTok by storm.

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The challenge consists of the user posing in their normal clothes, followed by a red light in the room and a silhouetted outline.

The challenge has been very popular amongst female users on the app, although there have been some parodies of it.

Carla Medrano posted her challenge on TikTok where it went viral, and then on Instagram, where her 900k followers made the video blow up even more.

Users on TikTok can attempt their own version of the challenge, and if they needed inspiration – here is Carla’s video.

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This is not the first video of Carla’s to go viral, as this clip of her dancing in a parking lot also went viral on TikTok.

As did this video of her speaking to her fans.