TikTok: Kaytstikkytok viral video explained – truth or dare?

Screenshot of game from @subwaysurferstikkytok

TikTok user, @kaytstikkytok, told their stepmom via text message, that their dad cheated on her, all while playing the mobile game, Subway Surfers.

The TikTok account uses screen recording on their device which allows viewers to watch them confess information to their stepmom whilst playing a game.

What is the TikTok video all about?

With 8777 followers and 201.3k likes, @kaytstikkytok/@subwaysurferstikkytok TikTok account dedicates many videos to this style: Confessing something to a family member via text (iMessage), and then proceeding to play Subway Surfers whilst screen recording. As the reply-notifications pop up at the top of the video, we get to witness the reactions of the confessions.

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So, why are they doing this? This particular TikTok video reached 775.3K views and 178.1K likes, indicating that the reasoning behind these videos could be purely to gain attention/clout.

There has been many comments stating that users are just watching the game as though they are playing it themselves ( 👁 👄 👁 ); this could suggest that maybe people are only interested in the video for the game?

Comment section of viral video.

Is @kaytstikkytok telling the truth?

@kaytstikkytok/@subwaysurferstikkytok captioned their viral video by stating ‘she said she’s leaving. by heather💅🏽 ‘ TikTok users in the comment section are asking if this is true or false, is a TikTok video really splitting up an entire relationship?

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A TikTok user commented ‘Bad acting skills lol’ which gained 84 likes – this suggests that the contents of the video are false and many people agree.

Another TikTok user commented requesting a part 2, which gained 341 likes, a follow up would perhaps further explain the cheating confession video.

So, is this mysterious user lying to their step mom and putting her relationship at risk purely for a viral TikTok video?

Who is behind this account and what else have they uploaded?

This TikTok user does not have a specific name (besides their username), nor do they have any social media links attached to their account, however it is easy to guess that they happen to be female due to the contents of their other videos.

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@kaytstikkytok/@subwaysurferstikkytok, has posted 4 more similar videos which somewhat tell us their gender: The other TikTok videos include:

In this video, this user confesses that they are pregnant to their dad, informing us that she may be female.

In this video, the user is telling their mum they are bisexual.

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Finally, in this video the TikTok user is confessing to their brother that they broke his Xbox.

The TikTok account only follows 11 other accounts, adding even more mystery to the user…

Other than these text message-confession videos, @kaytstikkytok/@subwaysurferstikkytok have also uploaded TikTok videos which involve them playing subway surfers, as well as replying to comment requests about the game. However, it is the confessions that gain the most attention, ranging from 1979 – 775.3K views.

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What do you think about this viral TikTok video?