TikTok: Thieves Stew – recipe and how to make the dish!

Screenshot from @quincylk TikTok.

Thieves stew has been trending on TikTok ever since user @quincylk, showed their followers how to make this recipe.

The video has now reached 2.1 million views and 429.5K likes, read below to learn just why.

Many more fantastic recipes can be found on the same TikTok account.

What’s so special about this stew and how can I make it?

You can find the TikTok tutorial video with the recipe and instructions below. 

Thieves Stew recipe video

Having only been posted on Friday 8th January 2021 and already obtaining over 2 million views, the Thieves Stew recipe is very popular to the fantasy-loving followers. 

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This is proven in the comment section of this viral video, which contains over 5000 comments, many of which include positive feedback from followers of Quincy’s Tavern. 

Well, what’s so special about the video you ask? Many followers of this fantasy tavern use these videos as an escape from reality. 

TikTok user, @livlue, took to the comment section of the Thieves Stew video by stating:

“I’m an ER nurse and work is SO stressful. I watch your videos on my lunch breaks to make me feel like I’m somewhere magical ✨✨” 

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Who is the TikTok creator of the Thieves Stew?

Known as Quincy LK on TikTok, Stephen/Stevie was adopted from South Korea, grew up in PA and currently resides in Florida. He states on Quincy’s Tavern Patreon Page that he loves creating and making stories, and pretty much anything fantasy. 

Stevie created Quincy’s Tavern, which is a fictional tavern set in a fantasy environment which started on TikTok and is now making its way around the internet. 

Quincy began posting on this TikTok account in October 2019, and currently has 2.4 million followers, along with 42.9 million likes.

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What else can be found in Quincy’s Tavern?

Quincy’s Tavern TikTok account contains magical videos and storytelling, along with many things that can be found in the fantasy environment such as recipes, games, tutorials, special guests and much more. 

Another popular recipe on this TikTok page is called Tato Corn Chow, this particular tutorial video has gained 3.1 million views since having been posted in November 2020. As usual, Stevie/Quincy received lots of positive feedback in the comment section. 

The tutorial video containing the recipe and instructions can be found below.

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Tato Corn Chow recipe video

What do you think of the Thieves Stew recipe?