Ankha Animal Crossing TikTok Viral Video Explained

ankha animal crossing

Have you seen the Ankha Animal Crossing New Horizons video on Tiktok? Every day a lot of things go viral on social media, and this video is trending currently. Ankha Zone is a cartoon character from Animal Crossing that has gone viral because of the funny music video. 

This viral video was made by an artist named Zone, and over millions of social media users have seen the trending video. If you are hearing about Ankha for the first time, we are here to help you. You will soon be an expert on the topic of the Ankha Animal Crossing New Horizons video, we promise!

What is the Ankha Zone Tiktok trend?

The trending video features Ankha, an Egyptian cat from Animal Crossing, dancing in a strange manner across a hut and space. The music in this video is quite unique, and #Ankha has over 2 million views across social media. 

The Ankha Zone music video

People are sharing their reactions to the video and other related content. Its a fast growing hit it seems.

How to watch the Ankha Animal Crossing video?

You can check out Ankha and its viral dance moves on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The video is trending this week, with youngsters sharing it with their friends and recording their reactions. The video first got viral on Tiktok but has been doing rounds on all social media applications now.