TikTok: What is the meaning of xyzbca? A rumoured method for more views!

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The ‘xyzbca’ hashtag on TikTok has been all over the app recently, although not many people know the true meaning of it. Many users are questioning the hashtag to see what it means but on the TikTok app, there’s no clear answer but it might just be for more views…

It’s pretty easy to catch onto a trend on TikTok, but the ‘xyzbca’ is not the case. If you search the ‘xyzbca’ on TikTok there’s a range of different videos attached to it – making it slightly confusing for users.

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Even though people are not too sure about the meaning of the trend and still hasn’t stopped people from using the hashtag on the ForYou page on TikTok .


Se que estaba mejor el otro vídeo PERO ESTOY SÚPER MOTIVADA🤣Ksoylaxinnniii #parati #xybzca #60k #foryopage #fyp #viral #parati #xybzca #viral #parati

♬ sonido original – laxinni💖

Why is everyone using ‘xyzbca’ on TikTok?

Theres no clear answer of the ‘xyzbca’ use, on TikTok – as you will see a range of videos like in one video youll see someone playing with their dog then in another see someone playing football in their garden.

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But the similarities in the videos are the views they gain. At first, it was a TikTok myth that if you tagged ‘xyzbca’ your views will get boosted meaning you might be able to gain more followers and more likes.

However, this is just a myth. There’s no proof that it actually boosts your views. But interestingly this myth might become slowly true as everyone is using ‘xyzbca’ and searching for it generating more views.

Other similar TikTok hashtags that are meant to help views are the #fyp and #Foryou – the ‘xyzbca’ is meant to serve similar attributes. Also, some people are beginning to be using the hashtag on different apps like Twitter.

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Examples of the ‘xyzbca’ hashtag on TikTok

This girl has gained over 900k views and has hashtagged xyxbca on TikTok showing her different and favourite type of styles.

This video is really random. It’s just a girl ranting about friends, yet she used the ‘xybzca’ hashtag and has gained thousands of views.

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As you can see the use of the hashtag is pretty random but looks as if the views speak for themselves… this dance challenge has gained over four million views.

How to use the ‘xyzbca’ hashtag on TikTok

The ‘xyzbca’ is easy to use on TikTok. All you ned to do is download the app and make sure you have latest version it.

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Create a TikTok that you think would be really entertaining – that could be ranging from a challenge to a fashion style guide… it’s really up to you!

Then once it is done when you got to upload it go to the caption area , hastag ‘xycba’ and other similar hashtags such as #fyp and #foryou.