Behind the ‘Try Being My Size Amy’ TikTok – and 5 funny examples

screenshot from TikTok (@debbiesath)

Recently, the ‘try being my size Amy’ TiktTok has gone viral and has got many people jumping on the trend. The trend is a Tiktok sound from a popular reality TV show in America that sounds an argument between two overweight sisters.

The ‘try being my size Amy’ said by one of the sisters is a line that has been used as a joke between short people and tall people – both sides complaining about being ‘their size’ to their opposed height partner.

The ‘try being my size Amy’ sound has been trending for a few days now and has been used in many different ways including animated recreations to funny memes between tall and short friends on TikTok.

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Background of ‘try being my size Amy’

The ‘try being my size Amy’ trend originally comes from an American reality TV show on TLC called ‘1000-lb sisters’, which follows two very overweight sisters on their life and them trying to lose weight.

Sisters Amy and Tammy have had many funny encounters during their year-long show, but one funny argument between the two became a new TikTok trend that has become very popular.

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The argument between the two includes the sound ‘try being my size Amy’ followed by other funny one-liners like ‘my bills are paid!’ and many bleeped out swear words.

orginal video

Tammy and Amy have now become loved by many people on the internet due to this trend and the overall show. In the show, they often have similar outbursts or conversations that people can’t help but find funny!

Funny TikTok examples

This person used the meme to complains to her way bigger friend about her being way smaller than him.

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These two dogs are shown to be having an argument about the struggles of being their size compared to their companions.

This girl user the meme about her skinny friends saying they look fat even though she’s actually the bigger one… quite similar to the original clip.

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How to get involved with the trend

First, you need the TikTok app and to make sure the latest version is downloaded. Open it up go-to camera, go to sounds and search for ‘original sound TLC’.

Learn and lipsync the argument or find a friend to do it with, both taking turns on each line from the two sisters.

This works even better if you have a really tall or short friend, as the bit ‘try being my size Amy’ is relatable and funny and sometimes you do need to tell that friend ‘try being my size’!