TikTok: Can you do this push-up challenge?

Photo by ABDALLA M on Unsplash

For all the gym-freaks and TikTok athletes, it is time to join TikTok’s push-up challenge, if you haven’t already.

Show off your gains, gauge your abilities and get some clout in the meantime. Sounds like fun? Here’s what you will need to do to join the challenge.


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TikTok’s push up challenge explained

The funny thing about this new push-up challenge is that the audio track is made by @officialreggircouz for jumping jacks workout. The song counts from one to ten in a steady and slow beat so everyone can keep up with it.

Despite the fact that he has shown how to use this track, everyone on TikTok decided to use the track in their own way. There’s a push-up challenge, a pull-up challenge and so much more. Check out all the TikTok videos in this article to see all the challenges of this song.

So here’s how to join the push-up challenge – Start the song and get into the plank position. When the song starts counting one, two, three… you have to go down from the plank challenge little by little. By ten, you should be almost parallel to the ground and balancing the entire body about 1 inch off the ground.

Once you get the push-up challenge, the pull-up challenge is easy to figure out. It is not easy to do however as you are going up a little by little. It is like doing a pull-up in the hardest way possible. But check out how easily the user @kennaleefitness is making it look.

Here is another way to join the challenge –

Who do you think did it better in this challenge?


#duet with @faithfocusfinish Just realized I post a #pullupchallenge on the same day each month, so here’s July’s! #kbacon

♬ Holy Tony Workout – Reggie COUZ

If you can, do the pull up both ways, go up in 20 seconds, and then go down in 20 seconds –