TikTok: How old is Mrs Flawda on TikTok? Everything you need to know!

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Many new TikTok celebrities are becoming famous on the app, and the one that is on everyone’s mind at the moment is Mrs. Flawda. 

Mrs. Flawda has a TikTok account which has over 1 million followers on the app, she has also amassed over 18 million likes on all of her videos.

As such a popular celebrity on the account, her fans are dying to know everything that they can about her.


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Who is she

Mrs. Flawda has a TikTok account (Mrs.Flawda) where she posts videos of her dancing and acting out her daily tasks- which she shares with her many followers.

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She has an Instagram account that has more than 300k followers and shares pictures of herself being an influencer.

Mrs. Flawda is a multi-brand ambassador and is from Florida in the United States.

Mrs. Flawda’s age is currently unknown, although we can guess that she is over the age of 18 due to the content of some of her videos.

TikTok Fame

Mrs. Flawda began her journey after starting her YouTube channel @Mrs Flawda in July 2017.

She joined the app TikTok when it was launched and rocketed to fame on there thanks to her videos that show her enjoying her life and dancing around.

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In this TikTok video, she has collaborated with one of her famous friends and has since gone viral!


Y’all we finna linked 😂🔥 @luuhh2x #viral

♬ original sound – Izez_Hayward

Being an Influencer

According to her Instagram bio, Mrs Flawda is a ‘Multi Brand ambassador’ meaning that she has codes and ambassador perks for many different sites.

On her Instagram, she has tagged sites like @Sheinofficial, @Fashionnova and @houseofbei- these are all big accounts with lots of followers that she may be an ambassador for.

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She also has a link to her link tree, which has lots of different sections including Xbox, PS5 and the Iphone 12. This is used for promotional material and likely boosted her already huge follower count.