Did Lana Del Rey burn Bibles? TikTok drama explained!

Screenshot from @amberredhead TikTok

Social media users are concerned as rumours spiral the internet with claims that Lana Del Rey supposedly burnt Bibles. These reports have begun drama involving the singer and her strong fan base.

Continue reading to find out who Lana Del Rey is and what could have sparked these bizarre allegations!

Who is Lana Del Rey?

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, professionally known as Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter.

With a large social media following, the artist is constantly trending online as users continue to publicly support her.

On Twitter as @lanadelrey, the creator has 9.7 million followers.

She also has a huge 18.4 million followers on Instagram as @lanadelrey.

A popular TikTok hashtag, #lanadelrey, currently has 1.4 billion views and is full of content surrounding the singer.

Lana Del Rey’s music is frequently featuring in viral content on the app.

User named @80s.lolita previously uploaded a TikTok containing footage of the singer which has now reached 7 million views.

Did Lana Del Rey burn Bibles?

Lana Del Rey has been accused of burning Bibles as the rumours are scattered around social media platforms.

Recently, you may have spotted images of Lana on TikTok as her powerful supporters allegedly formed some type of cult.

Lana Del Rey stans have been collectively changing their TikTok profile pictures to a particluar image of the artist’s face in front of a burning car.

So, it seems as though the drama could have originated from this image, since many social media users thought it contained a burning Bible.

Confused Twitter user, @TulsaDorrie, tweeted the image and the alleged claims.

However, many Lana fans then responded and invalidated the gossip.

TikTok creator and supporter of the singer, @amberredhead, disproved the information in a video; stating that the image involves a burning-car as opposed to a Bible.

It is likely that rumours could have also originated from another hit song.

Teen Idle is a popular song released by artist MARINA.

This song contains the lyrics:

“Instead of being sixteen and burning up a Bible”

Social media users sparked confusion between the two female artists due to their similar singing-voices.

It is therefore thought that the rumours surrounding Lana Del Rey supposedly burning a Bible could have emerged from this uncertainty.

Crazy social media response

TikTok user, @amberredhead gained a huge 58.0K views on a video whereby she challenged the lies surrounding Lana Del Rey.

More gossip then began to spiral the internet, with claims that the singer had allegedly burnt a church.

Amber then responded to a comment regarding this rumour.

Another user, @dollypartonreal, attempted to clear up the confusion by highlighting the different artists.


If Lana del Rey was burning bibles there would be more than 2 singular tweets on the subject ma

♬ Teen Idle – MARINA

However, some supporters are using humour to refer to the situation.

Twitter user, @thatcountyline used a meme from a TV show to joke about the situation.

@rotothemoon also jokingly tweeted as though Lana Del Rey’s album was the Bible, representing it as holy.

Aside from all the jokes, many religious social media users are beginning to take offence.

@drewmotives took to Twitter to express annoyance.

User named @amberredhead again responded to another comment which stated that the artist has held a satanic book.

Using sarcasm, Amber expressed her disappointment before showing the real image fo Lana whereby she is in-fact holding a regular book.


Reply to @netfilx…showss

♬ original sound – amber🍒

So, are all these rumours false?

Go ahead and check out the drama surrounding Lana Del Rey for more information!