Who is gwotthot on TikTok? Viral video explained!

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A content creator and Marine Corps known as @gwotthot gains huge internet attention as an upsetting TikTok video went viral on the app after she openly spoke about her sexual assault experience.

Read on to find out who @gwotthot is and why her video went viral, along with information regarding her assault allegations and more.


This wasn’t even the first time this happened to me, I just thought I had a case considering he admitted to it #metoo #mst #vanessaguillen

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Who is @gwotthot on TikTok?

Dalina Estella, known on TikTok as @gwotthot, is a Marines Corps as well as a partner and mother to her child.

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In the Marines, Dalina is part of the U.S. military that consists of soldiers who serve at sea and also on land.

With 366.5K followers, Dalina has a pretty large TikTok following and often uploads content regarding her Marines experience.

After experiencing an incident of sexual assault while situated in the service, Dalina now continues to spread awareness and offer help as she departs from her service-position.

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Founder of website ‘Not My Reality‘, Dalina’s aim is to create a safe haven for military-affiliated survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

On Twitter as @gwotthot, she has over 8K followers and shares content regarding her website.

Dalina is also on Instagram as @daliestella, her account is filled with personalised content such as images of herself and her family.

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What happened with Dalina A.K.A gwotthot?

Dalina (@gwotthot) recently became famous on TikTok after uploading a video whereby she expressed her anger regarding her sexual assault experience.

This video has now gained a huge 8.6 million views along with 2.2 million likes.

Within the upload, Dalina explains that after facing her perpetrator in court, she has now been informed that he shall be retained.

The user has since gained an immense amount of support in response to the situation.

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Verified user, @bramty, gained 266.6K likes on a comment urging the protection of service women:


Dalina has now turned the comments off on this particular video.

What is happening now?

Dalina expressed her overwhelming gratefulness in response to supportive feedback in a recent Tweet.

After her troubling video blew up, the creator has since announced that she will be taking a break from social media.

She posted a list of boundary requirements onto her Instagram story and Twitter platform.

Dalina also took to her Instagram story to thank her supporters and inform them of her safety.

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Screenshot from @daliestella Instagram Story

Check out Dalina’s social media platforms to stay updated on the situation.