TikTok: ‘I never felt so alone’ song trend explained with 5 best examples!

Screenshot from TikTok @delenadiarixss

TikTok has a song for every occasion and ‘I’ve never felt so alone’ is the one that can describe your sadness better than anyone.

There is a trend and a way on how to use this song and we will guide you on which version of the song to use and how.

I’ve never felt so alone song details

The lyrics of this song are very simple –

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I’ve never felt so alone, felt so alone, na-a-no
I’ve never felt so alone, felt so alone, na-a-no

These lines are repeated throughout the song in a melancholy voice that touches your heart. This is not a song used randomly on any videos.

You cannot dance or lip-sync to this videos and post on TikTok. There is a specific type of trend going on with this song.

The version of this song posted by THXOC (@delenadiarixss) has been used in this trend in about 106k videos. It is a fresh trend which means that if you make a video on this song, you are bound to get a lot of views.

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If you want to use this song, it has to be done in a video that has a text which describes something sad in your life. Users are sharing the most heartbreaking stories that can make you cry because of the tune of the song that goes along with it while reading the text.

So if you want to share something real and tug at people’s heartstrings, this song is the one you should use in the background of your video. Check out some of the stories that have the most views below.

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5 best TikTok attempts


He was so proud of himself @ the end he went and showed mum

♬ original sound – THXOC

This song has a vibe to it that you can’t find anywhere else.

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You can post all your beautiful memories with this song and it will fill you up with nostalgia when you see the compilation.


forever grateful for my best friend

♬ original sound – THXOC

Share with your followers what makes you feel sad or what makes you feel better when you are sad.


#greenscreenvideo never gonna forgot how amazing that first hug was @_mteo_

♬ original sound – THXOC

What part of your life will you be sharing with this song?