TikTok: Renai Circulation Anime song explored with lyrics and attempts!

Screenshot from YouTube @Lizz Robenett

Renai Circulation is a theme song of the Bakemonogatari anime series and is now quickly becoming a huge hit on TikTok. Check out the original song and TikTok trend with Hashtag Hyena!

The catchy 2016 tune is all over TikTok in the background of amazing dance routines and awesome videos. Here is everything you need to know about the song, the anime and some of the best viral attempts.

La di da di da lyrics

Here are the lyrics of the English version of this song.

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One, two
It’s so hard to see it
But darling, let’s face it
These feelings we’re feeling
Cannot be ignored

If you’re scared that you’ll see something you’ll regret
Well love is something that’s best with life
Avoid a fight and be polite
Just shut up
Wait a second, that ain’t right

Every journey’s gotta start with a step
So go on out there and give it your best
I’m taking a chance ’cause I like you a lot
So I’ll give it a shot, give it all that I got

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La de da de da
La de da de de
Suddenly you call my name
And I lose my brain
And I float up to the moon

La de da de de
La de da de da
When you laugh it makes me smile
And I love your style
So I wrote a song to this tune

Thank you stars for giving to me
The greatest gift that’s still yet to be
I don’t mind if fate’s playing games
I’m happy all the same

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It’s so hard to say it
But darling, let’s face it
These feelings revealing
Cannot be ignored

So I’ll work on this letter
‘Til our timing gets better
Yours truly
And forever more

All about the Renai Circulation song

The song was created by Kana Hanazawa and was released on 4th September 2009. It was the fourth opening theme song of the Bakemonogatari anime series. It is featured in Nadeko Snake: Part 1 as well as in Nadeko Snake: Part 2.

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The artist who sang this song is also the voice of Nadeko Sengako. You can watch the live version of her singing here and see how the crowd goes crazy for this song.

An English version of this song was made by an artist named Lizz Robinett and that is the one that you are listening to on TikTok.

It was released on 9th October 2012 but has suddenly gotten a lot of attention on TikTok. This song has about 3 million videos on TikTok. Check out the attempts below.

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Lizz is a 26-year-old singer from California known for her soft and gentle undertones and sweet voice. She has about 700k subscribers on YouTube, a large following on Twitter, and a Patreon page where you can support her with even $1 per month.

Renai Circulation TikTok attempts


day 2 of being homeless: Taming a baby wolf 🐺 @mt.hoodpomskys

♬ Renai Circulation (English Cover) [TV Size] – Lizz Robinett

#ladidida ladididi 둘째딸@inhawlee12 엄마랑 닮은듯 안닮은듯 딸래미😍미성년자때 결혼 한거 아닙니다~ 젊게 봐주셔서 감사해용#soonent

♬ Renai Circulation (English Cover) [TV Size] – Lizz Robinett

we didn’t even train her to do this she did it all on her own😩🥺 #puppy #dogs #aussie #fyp

♬ Renai Circulation (English Cover) [TV Size] – Lizz Robinett