TikTok: What happened with Willy Wonka – creator cancelled?

Screenshot from @willywonkatiktok TikTok

TikTok impersonator of Willy Wonka has been undergoing drama accusations for a while, but viewers think he could now be officially cancelled.

The creator is involved in more drama after breaking COVID-19 rules and viewers are disappointed.

Continue reading below to find out all about the Willy Wonka TikTok drama!

Who is Willy Wonka?

Willy Wonka TikTok (@willywonkatiktok) currently has 17.9 million followers and consists of content surrounding the famous fictional character; Willy Wonka.

Duke Depp (@dukedepp on TikTok) is the 19-year-old cosplaying Willy Wonka, often both creators are included in the content.

The young boy has previously admitted his favourite movie is ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.’

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He then happened to take on the role of Willy Wonka after he realising he performed it pretty well.

The popular account consists of various types of content involving Mr Wonka, such as dance trends, transition videos, and even testing out his rival chocolate.

On Instagram as @willywonkatiktok, the cosplay creator currently has 1 million followers and often uploads content including images of himself and others.

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This creator also has Youtube channel (Willy Wonka TikTok/Duke Depp) with 506K subsribers.

Willy Wonka’s Youtube videos include him taking part in challenges, fun trends and more.

This Willy Wonka impersonator offers various links to 15 different social media platforms.

Go ahead, check out his socials!

Why is he ‘cancelled’ on TikTok?

Cancel culture is the practice of withdrawing support for (cancelling) public figures once they have done something deemed as offensive.

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Willy Wonka TikTok has previously experienced ‘cancelled’ allegations in October 2020.

This occurred after the creator responded to a comment asking him to teach Spanish, to which he began to speak the language while eating stereotypical hispanic food; salsa.

TikTok creator, @jadynishere, shared a video in October whereby he explained the drama.

While responding to confusion surrounding this drama, Twitter user @parajimm stated that people find the stereotypical representation offensive.

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However, this did not lead to his complete cancellation on the app.

A hispanic user named @officialdilucc commented by stating that she did not find this offensive:

“Bruh I’m Hispanic and this isn’t offensive at all”

So, since then, Willy Wonka TikTok has still been filled with usual content.

Recently, the creator has again begun to receive backlash on the app as he broke COVID-19 safety guidelines.


@itstaylerholder @miantwins @sjbleau @markellwashington1 @keliannestankus

♬ original sound – Willy Wonka

After uploading multiple videos whereby he is surrounded by his content-creating friends, many supporters expressed their dissapointment.

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@stephlikesfrogs commented:

“we’re in a pandemic. Imaging breaking the CDC guidelines on the daily, and risking the lives of everyone around you”


@sjbleau is no challenge for Willy 😈

♬ original sound – Willy Wonka

User named @liasmodel commented on the tennis-playing video and instructed the creator to wear a mask:

“mask on. covids still here man. just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean the pandemic is over.”

As well as going against safety rules of the pandemic, many viewers are disturbed by some of Willy Wonka’s content.

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Along with his innocent uploads, Duke/Wonka also frequently shares videos which include thirst-traps.


Reply to @froila_swinney You guys wanted another, so here you go…

♬ Rasputin (7″ Version) – Boney M.

Along with many others, @kazuichis._.wrench pointed out the fact that this account has a large following of young people:

“CHILDREN watch this.”

Crazy social media reactions

After undergoing similar drama experiences in 2020, TikTok viewers are now being very blunt surrounding the cancellation of this creator.

Referring back to Willy Wonka’s last scandal; whereby he was stereotyping the Hispanic culture, Twitter users seemed shocked.

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Twitter user, @parajimm, expressed her shock that such a seemingly-innocent creator is getting cancelled using a Spongebob meme.

Yet, this time around, social media users are being much more straightforward when dealing with the drama.

On both TikTok accounts, Duke Depp/Willy Wonka seems to be uploading his usual content.


whoops I haven’t posted since I was dancing to the fire alarm 🧍🏼yes I am alive hahahah dc: @sunnymalouf

♬ Playboi Carti – Sky – nick

User named @mymindcomments boldly commented on his recent upload by stating:

“You do realise you’re literally being cancelled rn right”

Another user, @aera.racha, pointed out the decrease in his likes by commenting:

“all your likes went down down..”

Over on Willy Wonka TikTok, the creator shared his usual videos including footage of Omegle reactions.

@siean_leigh questioned why people were so happy to see him in her comment:

“But y r people so happy to see him? I came to see if he was canceled”

Another user, @letsdebatezzz, included a point-of-view in the comment section, regarding the drama:

“POV: u don’t think what he’s getting canceled for is that bad just a little werid but knowing this app he’s prob gonna get canceled”

Check out Willy Wonka TikTok for yourself and decide whether or not you think this creator deserves to be cancelled!