TikTok: Who is Molly Kazi? Age, boyfriend and real name

Screenshot, tiktok ,@mollykazi

Molly Kazi is a new TikTok star who has been blowing up recently – attracting thousands of views, thanks to her day in the life and funny sound over videos.

She has only been active on TikTok for a couple of months, but that didn’t stop her profile from attracting a large audience.

Her most viewed video having over 700,000 views and 90,000 likes!

Screenshot, tiktok ,@mollykazi

Who is Molly Kazi?

Her fans often comment that she looks like Nico Robin from the anime series one-piece and often ask her to do cosplay or duet as this character.

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Recently she has fulfilled her fans’ request and dressed up as the anime character attracting over 70,000 views.

Even though she seems like she gets a lot of love from her fans, there are a few trolls in her comment section. However, she deals with them by not letting them get to her.

As she commented once “Nah love I refuse his attention… hate doesn’t faze me”. Showing her strong character and ability to not let hate get to her.

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Real name, age and nationality

Age: Molly Kazi is 19 years old, born in 2001, although her specific birthday is unknown.

Real name: Surprisingly, Molly Kazi is not her real name, just a TikTok name. However, she has not revealed her actual name yet.

Nationality: Molly Kazi is from North America.

Does she have a boyfriend?

This is unknown as she keeps her relationship status unknown although her fans are dying to know… mainly wondering if she is single!

TikTok: Her user name @MollyKazi and currently has 52,000 followers and 300,000 overall likes.

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Molly Kazi is not active on any other social media, the only one being TikTok – but she still is interactive with her fans through her TikTok videos or in the comment section.

Favourite music

Often in her TikToks, Molly plays a range of American music – ranging from Arianda Grande, 21 Savage and Frank Ocean.