Instagram: Where to find the wacky mirror filter – and how it works!

Image by Webster2703 from Pixabay

If you love uploading funny and crazy Instagram stories or posts the wacky mirror filter definitely fits that description. The wacky mirror filter distorts users’ faces making the photo look crazy but hilarious.

Many users are left in bits testing the Wacky Mirror Filter on themselves, friends and even their pets – creating funny content for people’s Instagram feed and stories.

The Wacky Mirror Filter was created by a user on Instagram called @galangsw and this filter can also be used on TikTok.

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How does the Wacky Mirror Filter work?

The Wacky Mirror Filter is very easy to use. When you select the filter it automatically starts to work. You should see whatever you’re capturing start to move almost like a rollercoaster effect.

The filter works well on anything you want to capture, but it is especially funny when you do it as a selfie as your face will become distorted and wobbly.

How to get the Wacky Mirror Filter

Step 1. Log onto Instagram and make sure it’s updated to the latest version or the filter might not appear.

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Step 2. Tap the plus sign on your story; in the top, left corner and your story camera should appear.

Step 3. Swipe to where it says “Browse Filters” and click on that. Then type in “wacky mirror filter”.

Step 4. You will see a bunch of people using this app – click on one – and then tap on the icon “Try it”. You should be seeing your camera wobble!

Funny and Cool examples of the Wacky mirror filter :

Dog lovers will definitely find this one funny. Looks at his face !

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These two have taken it in a mirror selfie format – which has distorted both of them making them look funny

Some of the best 2020 Instagram filters

The spin filter is a popular filter than can distort and spin someone’s photo making it look distorted.

The comic book filter, allows users to put themselves in a cool comic book world by making everything have a comic book effect.

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The sanitize filter changes users face into a hand sanitiser bottle. Quite fitting for 2020 and Covid-19.