Instagram: Where to find the Renaissance Filter – and how to use it!

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If you’re an active Instagrammer, you may have seen the NEW and coolest filter that everyone has been using – that makes you resemble a historic renaissance painting.

Recently, instagrammers have gone back in time to see themselves as a an old painting, specifically of the time of the Renaissance.

This trend has been on shared on other social media like Snapchat and TikTok – and now the trend is on Instagram and people are loving it!

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How does the Renaissance Filter work?

Well, the secret is, it isn’t actually a filter by Instagram that helps turn your face into a renaissance painting – but it’s from a website/ app called created by artist Al Gahaku.

What the website/app does, is it generates a renaissance painting from your photos and merges it together, almost like combining the two images but is also a filter.

Some cool examples on Instagram

This person used their dog in the filter which is so cute and cool!

This shows how easy it can morph your face into the renaissance effect! Selfies have the best effect on this filter and make it more realistic

So, how do you do it for yourself?

Step 1. Head to the website , you can choose to download the app as well.

Step 2. Upload your photo , this works best with a selfie or clear picture of yourself or someone

Step 3. Choose which renaissance filter you want – there are many to choose from so make sure you pick one that is good for the IG.

Step 4. Upload to Instagram and hashtag the renaissance filter – so you can join the recent trend don’t forget to add a cool caption!

Why is everyone talking about this filter?

Recently, there has been some drama regarding the filter and Non-white people. This is because the filter made them look white as there’s no options for people of color only white people.

The creators held their hands up to this and replied saying: “We are confirming that the output of the AI artist has been biased. We hope to use a wide variety of learning data and increase the diversity of output in the future.”

More of the best 2020 Instagram filters

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The vogue filter is another popular filter, allowing users to live that vogue model lifestyle via Instagram.

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