How to get the Renaissance TikTok Filter everyone is talking about

Screenshot, TikTok - @sara.adalid

If you love TikTok you may have seen the coolest new filter that everyone has started using that makes you look like you are in a renaissance painting.

How does the filter work?

Well the secret is, it isn’t really a TikTok filter that creates the renaissance painting look which may be why you can’t find the filter if you have looked.

What it actually uses is the ‘Timewarp’ filter and then other apps to complete the final product.

Cool TikTok examples

I think we can all agree this TikTok renaissance video looks incredible.

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TikTok users loved this one as it has over 6.7 million likes.

This TikTok is captioned ‘Renaissance boy’ and it really does look like an old painting.

How to do it

If you fancy giving this new trend a go yourself here’s a step-by-step on how to do it.

  1. Firstly you have to stay in one position and record yourself on TikTok using the ‘Timewarp’ effect.
  2. You then have to screen record the TikTok
  3. You need to screenshot the very end of the video and put the screenshot into PicsArt.
  4. You edit the background on PicsArt to look like a renaissance painting by adding in angels and columns.
  5. Then apply one of the filters that make it look like a painting and save the picture.
  6. You then need to use an app called video leap to mix your photo into your video.
  7. You need to select the linear effect in the app and make it follow the blue line throughout the video.
  8. Make sure everything lines up and you’re done. It does sound a little confusing until you get the hang of it, but the end product is worth it.
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For extra guidance here is a video tutorial by TikTok user @sara.adalid


Reply to @lyssthecrip here is the tutorial! Hope it helps and thanks again for all the support🤍 #renaissance #art #foryou

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The disco effect was also very popular on TikTok this year.

The filter makes you appear as if you are in a disco with flashing lights and has been used in hundreds of TikTok videos, maybe it is because this year we couldn’t go to any real discos.

Green Screen effect

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Which filter was your favourite of 2020?