TikTok: How to Make Your Nose Bleed trend explained – real or filter?

Screenshot from TIkTok ac of @neeneevitollo91 Neeneev

TikTok has made users do a lot of weird things but now it appears to be encouraging people to get a nosebleed… or is it just another filter?

Here’s is everything you need to about the trend and whether it is real of a filter.

Are people really making their nose bleed?

No, on this occasion people are NOT making their nose bleed on TikTok. Instead, it is being done through a filter. You can also get this filter on Instagram… so please don’t go hitting yourself in the face or anything stupid!

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How to get the Nosebleed Filter on TikTok

This filter is not yet available on TikTok so you will have to go to Instagram to shoot the video with the nose bleed and then upload it on the social media platform that you prefer, such as TikTok.

Open your Insta and go to the camera screen. Keep swiping the filters to the left until you come to the last option – Browse Effects.

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Type ‘nosebleed’ in the search bar and you will see a lot of options. If you are looking for fun or cute filters then go for the one made by the user @gothukiyo because it adds cute freckles on your face, @clarita.ra which adds freckles as well as a cute hello kitty band-aid on the nose, or by @aka.anime.bae which is the most dramatic.

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You can also choose realistic options to scare people into thinking you have a nose bleed. Try the one created by @whxyu, @lazy777, or @alfonsoarellano888.

They are all clean and look so realistic that you can also get off work or classes with this.

Once you are done with your video, don’t forget to upload it on TikTok to get more reach.

What do people on Twitter think about this filter?

There are some who love the filter.

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But not all of them are fans.


You can always find some wildly different opinions on this platform.

The general consensus is that it is pretty rad.

What do you think? Is it cute or nah?

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