69 Baddie Instagram Captions – flaunt your 2022 attitude!

Photo by Jason Edwards on Unsplash

Got your game face on? Maybe you want to post a rebellious pic on Instagram to show people you’re not one to mess with. Or, you might just want to show off your on-point eyeliner and perfectly shaped brows. The only problem is, you’re struggling to come up with a sassy caption.

Instagram baddies aren’t always the typical ones who look the part with nails done, a full face of makeup and a pair of mean sunglasses. They are also the ones who are confident enough to flaunt their flaws while posing like a goddess.

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Icons such as Kylie Jenner, Addison Rae as well as singers Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are all considered Instagram baddies in their own unique ways. Baddie Instagram captions can be anything from sassy remarks or your favorite song lyrics off your bad girl playlist to a self-worth quote or a break-up quote to say you’ve already gotten over them.

You want a bold caption to go with the picture you just spent ages trying to get perfect, and not just some lame emoji or cliché saying. So, here are some original, badass captions for your Instagram post to help you make a statement…

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Baddie Instagram Captions to show some sass

❏ ‘Sugar n Spice’
❏ ‘Creating a life I love’
❏ ‘I’m back and I’m better’
❏ ‘Practice what you preach’ or ‘I practice what I post’
❏ ‘Mind your business’
❏ ‘If you’re not into what I’m posting, don’t look’ (Kim Kardashian) ❏ ‘Don’t kill my vibe’

❏ ‘Too glam to give a damn’
❏ ‘I’m sunshine mixed with a little hurricane’
❏ ‘If you listen closely, you can hear me not caring’
❏ ‘Make em stop and stare’
❏ ‘Same old me, just a bit more fabulous’
❏ ‘Trouble never looked so god damn fine’
❏ ‘I broke the mould’
❏ ‘Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters’
❏ ‘She will bow to no one’
❏ ‘Make them curious’
❏ ‘Born to stand out’

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❏ ‘Alexa, play … by …’ (insert song)
❏ ‘Be classy, not flashy’
❏ ‘One day, I am going to eye-roll myself into another dimension’ 
❏ ‘Bad choices make good stories’
❏ ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?’
❏ ‘Part sweet, part savage’
❏ ‘No guts, no glory’
❏ ‘I suffer from high self-esteem’
❏ ‘She got kicked out of heaven cos she’s hot as hell’
❏ ‘I was not made to be subtle’
❏ ‘Call it what you want’

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Baddie Instagram Captions for self-worth

❏  ‘Judge me, only when you become perfect’

❏  ‘Take me as I am, or watch me as I go’

❏  ‘Everything and more’ (used by Kylie Jenner in one of her most recent posts)

❏  ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’

❏  ‘Messy bun. getting stuff done.’

❏  ‘Lift your head or your crown will fall’

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❏  ‘I’ll do me’

❏  ‘You will never stop me now’

❏  ‘I’ve got my own back’

❏  ‘I’m blessed’

❏  ‘Grateful’

❏  ‘They told me I couldn’t, so I did’

❏  ‘Always prove them wrong’

❏  ‘No one is you and that is your power’

❏  ‘Be you, the world will adjust’

Use Instagram to show them you’ve moved on #Baddie

❏ ‘You were my cup of tea, now I drink champaign’
❏ ‘I’m not high maintenance, you’re just low effort’
❏ ‘Strong women don’t have attitudes, they have standards’ ❏ ‘Winning at life’
❏ ‘Life goes on with or without you’
❏ ‘I gotta stop giving CPR to dead situations’
❏ ‘It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine’
❏ ‘I don’t need a king to be a queen’
❏ ‘You will never replace me’
❏ ‘If they want to leave, let them’
❏ ‘She’s a keeper, too bad you didn’t keep her’
❏ ‘Get him coming back for more’
❏ ‘Get it together, or forget it forever’