How to View a Private Instagram Account 2021


View a private Instagram account through these easy ways and some private Instagram account viewer apps that work.

People let you see what they want you to see. We respect privacy and all that, but sometimes we just have to make sure. An example is when you meet someone. You he’s the one but something doesn’t sit right.

You check his social media accounts, and there’s nothing much you’ve found because his Instagram or Facebook accounts are locked. Or you come across an eye-catching photo on a website. When you click on it, it redirects you to an IG account that is private.

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So, here’s what you can do to view a private Instagram account.

1. Ask permission by sending a follow-request.

Following is not an issue if you’re an acquaintance with the user. Freely click that follow request and then wait for a couple of days or weeks to be accepted.

If you’re not friends, your follow request might get denied. However, this is the most decent and hassle-free you can do to view a private IG account. 

2. Create a fake account to view a private Instagram account.

When you follow accounts using your personal IG, you’re also letting strangers view your life. And, you’re not comfortable with that if you’re an equally private person. They can also deny your follow-request using your account just because it’s you.

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So, creating a fake account can be your better option. With fake accounts, you can freely follow and unfollow private IG accounts that aren’t much help to your business ventures.

3. Use third-party web-based applications.

a. Igmod (for Apple Users)

Thanks to TecktonikThriller. He introduced this Instagram viewer web-based app.

Step 1: go to your settings. Make sure your background and refresh and wifi are on.

Step 2: Proceed to your battery section and turn off your low power mode.

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Step 3: Ensure the automatic download in the app store section is on.

Step 4: Search for and press view private account. Enter the name on the field “Target Instagram Username.”

Step 5: Press “confirm account.” Wait for the site to unlock the private data, and then you’ll get a confirmation.

Step 6: Reopen your Instagram app and search for the IG private account. Voila, it worked!

b. Install instagram++ from (for Android Users)

Shoutout to William Lowe for teaching us how to view private IG accounts using Android phones.

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Step 1: Go to settings and type unknown and then scroll down to “install unknown apps”

Step 2: Navigate to Chrome and make sure it’s allowed to install unknown apps.

Step 3: Go to your chrome browser and search for

Step 4: Install instagram++

There’s that! You can now easily view a private Instagram account now in 2021 because the last thing you’d want to do is nagging the user about your unattended follow request.