TikTok: Who is Coco Quinn? Age, career and more!

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Coco Quinn, by profession, is a dancer, gymnast, and actor who has made memorable performances in films, such as “Stitchers”.

Let’s get to know her some more!

Who is Coco Quinn and what is he age?

The young star was born on June 7th, 2008, making her only 12 years old. Despite this, she has built a large following on social media, recently surpassing 1.8 million followers.

Quinn has built herself a sublime portfolio of work, especially in rhythmic dance which she began doing at just two years old. Quinn joined the infamous dancing group Molly’s Monsters, but before this she loved to dance with her two sisters who are also dancers.

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TikTok has risen to fame, creating almost anything viral if it wants to. A big part to Tiktok is the dancing videos, this obviously playing well to Quinn’s talents. She has built up 43.7k followers and over 360k likes on her TikTok profile, which is surprising as Tiktok plays to her strengths more than Instagram does. However, Quinn regularly promotes her TikTok through her Instagram to increase her following.

Coco Quinn has also been featured in the “Dance Spirit Journal” because of her outstanding dancing ability, but when she is not dancing she enjoys hanging out with friends and playing with her dog, Toby.

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It’s crazy to think she has accomplished so much at the age of just 12!

What were you doing when you were 12?