Who are Matt and Abby? TikTok have a mega-crush on them!

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The love for young dancing couples on TikTok that make wholesome, fun short video edits and skits is growing!

Who are Matt and Abby from TikTok?

Matt and Abby Howard are two 22-year-old social media influencers who have accumulated over 2 million followers on TikTok through their family-friendly videos.

The high school sweethearts married in 2019 in their sophomore year at college. One of their most popular videos on TikTok was when they recreated their prom photo.

How Cute Is This Prom Picture Recreation?

We can't stop watching these high school sweethearts recreate their prom photo! ( 🎥: tiktok/matt_and_abby)

Posted by Love Stories TV on Monday, June 15, 2020

The general content of their videos is all about their lifestyle, editing together short clips of their adventures that are easy to watch.

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Along with TikTok, the couple has a YouTube channel with longer versions of their TikTok content. The more vlog style on their Youtube channel has been extremely successful as well, with over 200,000 subscribers.

The love for couple content on TikTok is massive, with TikTokers creating relationships with each other knowing it will boost their following, but of course, they have feelings for each other on top of that.

A perfect example of that would be Addison Rae, the queen of TikTok, and Bryce Hall one of the most followed boys on TikTok. There were speculations of their relationship for a while, and when it had been confirmed the press coverage and online talk was immense.

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Unlike Addison Rae and Bryce Hall, Matt and Abby were together before their TikTok fame and built their following together. The natural growth of their following has been admirable to so many and made them so easy to like!

How can children not like their content! Just recently they took a trip to Magic Kingdom Park, a theme park in Florida connected to Walt Disney World Resort.

Even their Instagram captions are the cutest things ever, Matt calling and treating her like a princess as always. They link all their content on the different social media platforms to one another, photos of Instagram that indicate new content on TikTok, and the TikTok’s always being shortened versions of their Youtube Content.

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So, whether you prefer short, snappy content or a whole lifestyle vlog, Matt and Abby have got it all covered.

I think it’s clear to see why everyone is falling in love with Matt and Abby!