What does ‘Caught in 4k’ mean on TikTok? Slang has Cardi B confused!

TikTok’s new trend ‘caught in 4k’ has got some viewers confused as to what the phrase means. Find out more here!

There has been a lot of confusion on TikTok and Twitter lately with the new trend of getting caught in 4k.

Even Cardi B is confused… in a tweet, she wrote: “Please don’t make fun of me guys or I will have a depressing and lonely night, but what does 4k mean?”

So if celebrity Cardi B is confused, Hashtag Hyena is sure a lot of other people on TikTok have the same question.

TikTok: Caught in 4k meaning

Well, technically 4k is the abbreviation for 4096×2160 resolution. It’s based on the horizontal pixels of the camera quality.

But not on TikTok. On TikTok, influencers and teens aren’t making viral videos on the pixels and camera quality of their videos now, are they?

No, the simple term for ‘caught in 4k’ is the term for being caught red-handed.

The viral videos are of people getting caught doing something they didn’t want to be caught doing, creating hilarious content, and getting the #4k trending to 5.3 billion views and #caughtin4k to 1.9 billion views.

Replies to Cardi B’s Tweet poked fun of how she didn’t know what 4k means but it also gave a great example of what 4k means. One user describes it as their boyfriend caught cheating on camera as clear as daylight.

The new slang is basically saying that the person in the video got caught so easily, and the video is so descriptive that they can’t get away with it not being them. Hence, the reference to the ‘dimples on his face’ in the previous Tweet.

4K is the really good camera quality, so when people are getting caught doing something, it’s made into a joke stating they caught them in 4k as in caught them red-handed, or we got them good.

The TikTok’s usually are with evidence whether that is video or photo evidence of someone doing something bad, them being caught and using the term caught in 4k means that the evidence was so clear (like the 4k camera quality) that they can’t deny it because it’s too obviously true.

If you know where this sound comes from, you can tell why this mother was shocked when her two very very young kids turned around so quickly when they heard it.

Guess you could say they were caught red-handed!

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