Meaning of “MB” on TikTok explored with examples

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Have you seen comments with “MB” on TikTok and wondered what it meant? Here’s the meaning of the abbreviation with examples!

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Meaning of “MB”

There is an American boy band called “Mindless Behavior” that is sometimes referred as MB on social media. But when it comes to TikTok, most users use “MB” when they mean “maybe”, “my bad” or megabyte (if the TikTok video is about storage).

If you look up the meaning of MB in Urban Dictionary, the website agrees that it is just short for “my bad”.

a shorter version of My bad
Joe: ur a b*tch
Sally: No im not
Joe: Oh ok mb

Another meaning Urban Dictionary provides is –

MB: (Medium Boto)- Someone who evolved from “SB” (Small Boto) to “MB”. A “MB” has more than 1 chic and wants to lose their v-card to any girl, but no one wants to fck him.
MB: “I like lose my v-card before I leave .”
C1: “Why?”
MB: “Cause I like practice before I come there.”
C1: “What about c2, thas yo chic.”
MB: “Naw, she’s just another girl, I still finna talk to her tho for practice .”

(Here, v-card means virginity and boto means penis in Filipino)

Basic TikTok abbreviations and their meanings

  1. FYP – For You Page
  2. CEO – Cheif Executive Officer (So if someone on TikTok calls you the CEO of something, it means you are the best at it. For example, “You are the CEO of origami” means that your origami is the best)
  3. PFP – Profile Picture
  4. POV – Point Of View
  5. OOMF – One Of My Followers
  6. IB – Inspired By (You can use this to give credits)
  7. DC – Dance Credit (Use this to tag the trendsetter of the dance or the challenge that you are doing in the view).