TikTok: “Oh my lordy lord…” trend explained

Screenshot from TikTok @notraymodeli

There is a user on TikTok who started a trend where he uses a high pitched voice saying “Oh my lordy lord”…

…while looking at someone eating and then takes their food away. It is cute, wholesome, and funny. It’s a harmless prank that you can play with your friends and have a laugh together.

The guy who does the “Oh my lordy lord” trend

@notraymodeli is the trendsetter who started making these hilarious videos where he starts complaining about random things when the video starts.

Then turns the camera around and sees his friend holding or eating something. So his voice turns from low masculine voice to high-pitched feminine voice when he says “Oh my lordy lord, is that a (food item)? I have never seen one before. Can I have it? Hmmmmm. Thank you”

These videos have gained a lot of traction with millions of views in each video but not many people have created such videos. This means that your attempt will be at a beginning of a trend and is likely to gain maximum traction if you upload it soon (around 8th September 2021).

We have added the videos made by this user and more down below for your reference and inspiration.

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    I’ve never seen one before!

    ♬ original sound – notraymodeli

    This is the video that started it all. It has 5 million views. Using the same audio, you can see a response video below that is hilarious af.

    Then the original user posted the video below that went viral. You will now get why people are talking about “oh my lordy lord” trend.

    TikTokers are using this audio to complain about gas prices and to show off awesome cars which explains why people are loving this trend even more. Check out some of the amazing cars below.

    If you just watch the last video with no information on the trend, you will not understand why someone is showing cars in their video and talking about having a banana.

    You are now “in the trend” and know the reason. Share your thoughts on the trend in the comments below.