TikTok: Meaning of Bring the Lion Out explained – and 7 perfect examples!

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Another TikTok trend that is taking over the app.

Once again, there is another video trend that is going viral all over TikTok, and users can’t seem to get enough of it!

This trend includes music from the song ‘Lion’ and features users doing a ‘Cosplay’ with the music to create a story.

A Cosplay is a practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game.

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Meaning of Bring the Lion on TikTok

The song that features in the videos is called ‘lion’ and it is a song by Sain Mesa.
The viral videos repeat the line ‘bring the lion out’, which is the chorus line of the song.

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Most of the videos are using the song lyrics to portray a ‘coming of age’ moment for the characters that they are cosplaying as.

The idea of ‘bring the lion out’ is to bring out the bravery within the characters.

The TikTok videos are very popular with user’s cosplaying as Harry Potter characters and other fantasy genres.

However the sound is not only used for Cosplay’s, and some TikTok users choose to use the sound as a background for their own videos that they have created.

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Timeless TikTok examples

Here is one TikTok video that uses the sound. The user is Cosplaying as James Potter from the Harry Potter saga and using the sound to bring him to life!

Here is another example, where the user is Cosplaying as a fantasy genre and is using the sound to set the scene for the character they are playing.

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When the heroes thought they had won, the villains pull out a last minute piece to do damage and that was deku #deku #eri #mha #foryou #mhaau #bnha

♬ original sound – Silvillious

In this TikTok video, the user is Cosplaying as a Harry Potter character in Slytherin house- bringing their own character into the Harry Potter universe!


#Pov The gryfindors sing that ever quitch game. You finally convince me to do it with you. #chant #gryfindor #bringthelionout #slytherin #love #lgbtq

♬ original sound – Silvillious

Here is another example of a fantasy genre being used to create a TikTok video. In this one it shows a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ and uses the audio to create a story.

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A sheep possessed by a wolf ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ #oc #occosplay #wolf #possessed (spooky boy)

♬ original sound – Silvillious

In this video, the user is creating a Harry Potter Cosplay and is using the audio to create a story by including all 4 different Hogwarts houses.


The sole survivor of the Tri-Wizard tournament makes their first appearance. #fyp #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #gryffindor #hogwarts #LookalikeEdit

♬ original sound – Silvillious

This user uses the sound to promote mythological stories and to allow the audience to explore and uses to sound to really set the scene.

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For the lovers of culture and mythology ❤️ #MythologyTikTok #Culture

♬ original sound – Silvillious

Here is another TikTok user using the audio to create a Cosplay in the fantasy genre.


Kuroo didn’t want to play with Kenma, but kenma chanted for him to come out and win!! #Kenma #Kuroo #haikyuu #foryou #kenmaxkuroo

♬ original sound – Silvillious