What does Pog mean on TikTok? 5 situations where its being used

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New trends, phrases and hashtags go viral on TikTok everyday and with over 500 million users on the app, its no wonder things take off as well as they do!

While more and more things go viral, it can be really difficult to understand what each one means!

The latest phrase to take the app by storm is ‘pog’ and users have been really racking their brains to understand what it means.

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What does Pog mean on TikTok?

The word ‘pog’ is derived from ‘pogchamp’, which refers to a streamer named Ryan Gutierrez making a shocked face.

Screenshot, YouTube, @Lessons In Meme Culture

After the video of him making this face was released, there were countless memes made of it, often mocking the shocked face.

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Better Twitch TV released new emotes of the shocked meme, which was named ‘Poggers’.

Its internet has remained closely related to Twitch, but has recently gained attention on TikTok.

Some TikTok users have shortened it once again to ‘Pog’ and have started using the hashtag #pog on some of their videos.

It is normally used to express excitement or hype, but can also be used ironically to get a comedic effect.

It is not only TikTokers that use it, with famous YouTubers and other accounts also using the meme.

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There are examples across all forms of Social Media sites of this being used, including TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.

Five examples on TikTok

Here is one image of a Woman complaining about someone using the term ‘poggers’ to reply to an explicit photo she sent him. The word is used to describe things that are considered good, so maybe he thought he was paying her a compliment?

Screenshot, YouTube @Lessons In Meme Culture

The meaning of Poggers is not just associated with the word, it is tied to the picture of Ryan Gutierrez making a shocked face. Anyone who knows this meme would understand it from just the face.

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Screenshot, YouTube, @Lessons In Meme Culture

Here is a TikTok video that uses #poggers, to describe something that they think is really good- like this cat playing the piano.

In this TikTok video, the word ‘poggers’ is used in a satirical way that is hilarious for the audience.

In this TikTok video it uses #poggers and then goes onto to talk about gamer boys and their preferences- reminding us where the word ‘poggers’ came from before it became mainstream!

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