Are You Winning Son meme explained: How it started, what it means and 7 amazing examples!

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‘Are Ya Winning Son’ is a meme that became popular in 2020, but what does it mean and why is it popular again? 

Countless memes are scattered across the internet, and it is only a matter of time before they resurface and become popular again.

The ‘Are You Winning Son’ meme is taking the internet by storm, and everyone is finding it absolutely hilarious!

This is everything that you need to know about the latest meme.

What does Are You Winning Son mean?

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‘Are ya winning son’ is a meme that shows a dad walking in on his son in his bedroom and asking him if he is winning.

The meme is supposed to be a funny way of showing that parents often enter their children’s rooms with no actual idea what they are doing, asking if he is ‘winning’ and assuming he is playing some kind of video game.

The original meme does this by having the dad walk in and ask his son if he is winning, whilst the boy is playing a virtual reality simulator of two adults who are having sex- obviously not a game that can be won.

Screenshot, TikTok, @Lapis.doing.memes

How the meme started

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It was first seen on Reddit in 2014 and was posted to a thread about VR (virtual reality) gaming.

Around this time, sites began posting sexually explicit videos using VR gaming and headsets to do so, which is when someone combined the original ‘are ya winning son?’ picture with another character wearing the VR headset.

It has since become popular again in 2020.

Seven amazing examples

Here is one example where a TikTok user made the meme a reality!

Here is another TikTok user showing their take on the meme, but kissing a pillow instead of playing a game.

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Here is one version of the meme that has been turned into a song, hilarious!

In this version of the meme, a TikTok user has bought the meme to life using animation! Making the ‘son’ do a dance.

Here is another hilarious TikTok video of the meme being bought to life by actors.

In this video, the Dad doesn’t seem to realise his son has joined a satanist cult, taking the ‘are ya winning son’ meme to a whole new level.

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In this YouTube video, it is yet another incredible take on the original meme.