How much would a banana cost meme explained – online tribute to Jessica Walter

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The popular ‘how much would a banana cost’ meme is currently trending online as the award-winning US actress named Jessica Walter, who takes part in Arrested Development, has sadly passed away.

In this article, we explore this hilarious meme and explain the hidden meaning. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Jessica Walter and her matriarchal role in the US sitcom during the 2000s.

What is the ‘How much would a banana cost’ meme?

The ‘How much would a banana cost?’ meme originates from the American sitcom, Arrested Development.

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Having begun in 2003, the show currently has five seasons.

Lucille Bluth is an icy matriarch played by US actress, Jessica Walter.

In the series, Bluth appears as a staggeringly bad parent, known for using various psychological tactics on her children.

The popular meme refers to just how out of touch with reality Lucille is as she considers a single banana to cost 10 dollars.

As the matriarch, Lucille makes this comment in reference to the family banana stand.

Not knowing how much a basic grocery item may cost emphasises her self-absorbed character.

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Who is Jessica Walter?

Jessica Walter was an American actress, known for starring in many famous films.

Born on 31st January 1941, Jessica has unfortunately passed away on the 24th March 2021.

Her family have announced that the award-winning US actress Jessica Walter died at age 80.

The star was well known for her role as Lucille Bluth in the US sitcom Arrested Development.

As well as providing the voice of Malory Archer in the FX animated series, Archer.

Keep reading as we provide incredible online tributes to Jessica Walter.

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Remembering Jessica Walter

The popular TikTok hashtags, #JessicaWalter #lucillebluth and #arresteddevelopment are currently filled with content remembering Jessica Walter.

A creator named @mrjonspurny took to TikTok with clips of Jessica Walter as an actress.

@thebaldestbitch also uploaded a hilarious clip of Walter playing Lucille Bluth.

Along with many others, @batemanjason took to Twitter to express their condolences.

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Check out various social media platforms for further content surrounding the remembrance of Jessica Walter.