Matt James’ VeggieTales meme explained – and hilarious The Bachelor examples!

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The Bachelor star Matt James is being compared to the asparagus and cucumber from Veggietales.

Yep, memes are blowing up on Twitter comparing Bachelor Matt James to vegetables and it’s another fine example of the internet at work. Here’s an explanation of the whole thing.

Who is Matt James?

Matt James is a 29-year-old American businessman who has entered season 25 of The Bachelor, an American TV show where men and women find their ‘soulmates’. Notice the need to put soulmates in inverted commas there!

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This stud was the first black bachelor to lead for the TV show and ever since he entered the season there have been memes circling the social media comparing him to not only a vegetable, but veggies from the show VeggieTales.

What is the Bachelor?

The Bachelor is a USA TV show which started in 2002. The show is based around a man, who is known as the Bachelor, and his efforts to find true love.

To do this, the lucky single fella dates a group of women over a seven-week period. These women compete for his love and complete different challenges to see if they are compatible with him before, at the end of the seven weeks, he is left with what is meant to be his true love.

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Matt James appeared in season 25 which premiered in march 2021.

Those VeggieTales memes explained

Memes are fast spreading since everyone wants to take part in the joke, so when the meme about Matt James appeared it went viral, Twitter couldn’t get enough of the comic Tweets.

After the premiere of the Bachelor aired, everyone was in love with the new lead bachelor Matt James. However, it’s practically impossible to be in the spotlight these days and not have a meme or two thrown at you.

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Matt James is making history as the first black leading bachelor and not only that but everyone was obsessed with his good looks and lovely personality. The first girl he gave a rose to was deaf and everyone fell even more in love with him.

After the craze about his good looks and personality as well as marking history as a black man, Twitter started its magic in the comedy world, creating meme after meme about how similar Matt looks to a cucumber from VeggieTales. Ouch!

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Who are the VeggieTales?

VeggieTales is an American cartoon created for kids and all the animations in the show are of vegetables. Apparently, it’s not hard to miss that Bachelor Matt James looks very similar to a few of the animations, and this is how the meme started.

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The memes are basically comparing Matt James to different characters in the show that he looks like and creators are using it to create new ways for comedic posts.

Twitter is even going as far as to say he looks like a character from the Muppets now!

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