1 Girl Surrounded Meme explained: Piper Perri is back!

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It’s that meme – the one we all know and we’ve all seen. Yup, ‘1 Girl Surrounded’ or the Piper Perri meme is resurfacing on the internet again and it’s still just as hilarious.

Here’s an explanation of where it came from and everything else you didn’t need to know.

Where did the 1 Girl Surrounded Meme come from?

Back in 2016, an anonymous 9GAG user took a still shot from an adult film, Orgy is the New Black, and labelled each actor as a different life issue, such as ‘bills’.

The post ended up blowing up and going viral, which is why we’re still seeing the meme floating around the internet in 2021.

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Why is it still relevant in 2021?

We all know that memes keep up with trends and, what we may have found funny four years ago might not necessarily live up to our current humour. Yet, the Piper Perri (AKA 1 girl surrounded meme) is unique in the way that it can be applied to almost anything and still remain pretty relevant.

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The meme is so well-known across the internet, users have even uploaded images of inanimate objects set up to resemble the original meme.

People have also been known to photoshop different faces of notable figures, such as politicians, or celebrities onto Piper Perri’s head.

5 amazing examples on Twitter

Although the original meme centered around dealing with bills, debt and work, social media users have had their own take on it over the past five years.

This Twitter user posted a collection of political-themed memes, using the Piper Perri surrounded meme as a template.

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Although this is literally just an image of a box of eggs, if you’re on the internet often, you can easily grasp the concept.

This Tinder advert showcases diversity amongst relationships and hilariously slipped a version of the meme in the ad.

This one can only be described as a high IQ version of the meme.

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This Reddit user went a little further and actually recreated the original meme.

Which example is your favourite?