Wheels on a Shopping Cart Meme explained – and relatable examples!

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Shopping trolley.

What is the biggest inconvenience in mundane life? That’s right, it’s the little control you have over a shopping trolley.

We’re diving into the meaning behind the infamous wheels on a shopping cart meme!

What does the Wheels on a Shopping Cart mean?

Honestly, there isn’t too much to this meme – it’s simply funny because of how relatable it is to just about everyone.

In short, it refers to how three wheels of a shopping trolley or cart usually function, whereas the fourth seems to take a direction of its own. This has then been adapted and applied to other areas of life, whilst keeping the template of the shopping trolley meme. Essentially, it’s three good things and one bad thing.

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What is the meme used for?

The shopping trolley meme is predominantly shared on Twitter and Reddit, basically for users to share their opinions – controversial or not. Popular topics for this meme include films and TV shows, albums, or celebrities. The meme began in 2019 on Reddit and has since spread across several platforms.

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The meme has even sparked debates in online communities, due to some opinions being considered unpopular. In an online Disney community, one Twitter user referred to the film Frozen as the ‘fourth wheel’ – AKA the worst thing out of the four. This sparked outrage, with another user tweeting: “If anything, Frozen should be replaced with Tangled!

However, it also looks like it has united communities of film and music enthusiasts. Many users are in agreement with each other. A Taylor Swift fan account tweeted that none of Swift’s albums deserved to be thefourth wheel’ and three other fan accounts appeared to be in agreement.

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Three extremely relatable examples

A little bit controversial and obviously posted by a Minecraft fan.

This one may have been done by accident, but film buffs might agree.

If you’re a gaming fan, do you agree with this one?

Do you have a controversial or unpopular opinion that needs sharing through the shopping cart meme?