That Jason Terry meme explained – interview reveals all!

Jason Terry
Screenshot from Instagram of @jasonterry31

LeBron James dunked over Jason Terry in 2013 and turned him into a meme. Now, after seven years, J is finally sharing his side of the story about what happened.

Before we get into the story, let us get to know Jason Terry and what happened that day in 2013. Stay tuned to find out…

Who is Jason Terry?

Jason Eugene Terry is an American who played in the NBA for 19 years for various teams from 1999 to 2018. Currently, he works as an assistant coach for the Arizona Wildcats.

He is 47 years old as he was born on 15 September 1977. Terrys are a huge family because Jason has nine siblings and is married to Johnyika with five daughters.

Now that is going to be a colossal Thanksgiving dinner!

Also called “The Jet”, Jason has a website where you can check out his career but if you want to see his recent interactions, you can check his Twitter (@jasonterry31) where he is a celeb.

The slam dunk of LeBron James over Jason Terry

It was March of 2013 and Miami Heat was facing Boston Celtics in a nationally televised contest. In the 2nd quarter, Jason turned the ball over near half-court. You can check the video where he tried to prevent LeBron from scoring and bam!

There was no way he could have prevented that shot but he still jumped. This event has shadowed Terry’s career since then and even now.

What was he thinking?

‘Why did he do that? What was he thinking?’ were questions plaguing everyone’s minds back then. So to tell his side of the story, Jason was invited in an episode of “Untold Stories” with Master Tesfatsion.

This intriguing video has only been released on 24th Februray 2021 and it has reached 45k views and 2k comments.

Jason says that LeBron “meme-ified” him. “I wanna say it’s one of my lowest points in my career, but at the same time, I mean, I will forever go down in history”, he says while remembering that game, “Like, you got dunked on by The King.”

After that day, no matter where he goes – every clinic or every camp in America – to talk to kids, nobody asks him how he felt working for the NBA for 19 years. Instead, they ask “How did it feel for LeBron to dunk on you like that?”

In this interview, he explains why he went after the ball like that. He said that he gave the ball away and went to get it back again. When he took his eye off LeBron for one second and when he looked there again, The King was already in the air.

Jason knew he was never going to touch the ball but he went in anyway and both the players collided this bang created a meme.