Twitter: 17 best Substantial Meal Memes reacting to tier 2 pub rules!

Unsplash, Amie Johnson
Unsplash, Amie Johnson

As different regions of the UK are placed into tiers, pubs in tier 2 cannot open unless they offer ‘substantial meals’. UK Twitter reacts to the news by creating some very entertaining memes.

The UK’s second lockdown ends on the 3rd of December, and social media is highly anticipating the new restrictions; here are 17 of the best ‘substantial meal’ memes.

What is a substantial meal?

Venues in tier 2 are only allowed to serve alcohol if it is an accompaniment of a ‘substantial meal’, so what does that mean? According to the Government’s Covid Winter Plan, it means a ‘full breakfast, lunchtime or evening meal’ but this definition has left a lot to be desired.

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17 Substantial Meal Memes

1. Is a toastie substantial enough to be a substantial meal?

2. Anything can be a substantial meal if you use your imagination…

3. What if the ale is filling enough?

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4. What about a sneaky renaming of some house beer?

5. Any excuse to over-order…

6. The Age Old crisp question.

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7. It’s almost as if the rule doesn’t make sense…?

8. Does a Scotch Egg count?

9. The definitive perfect menu.

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10. It’s a Wolf of Wall Street style operation.

11. The perfect time for a rebrand!

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12. What’s a pint without a pie?

13. What happens if the meal is TOO substantial?

14. A British staple!

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15. The famous end to every order…

16. Covid senses the presence of a meal and immediately backs off.

17. The whiff of a calvary dinner is enough to repulse any coronavirus particle…

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