TikTok Christmas usernames: 17 ways to make your profile more festive!

Unsplash, Caley Dimmock
Unsplash, Caley Dimmock

With Christmas around the corner, many TikTok influencers and users are wanting to make their account look more festive. One way to do that is by changing your username!

Nicknames always help to shake up a social media account and make a profile seem more exciting. With so many Christmas songs, films, and themes to choose from there are thousands of ways you can make your TikTok account more Christmassy.

Here is a list of potential Christmas usernames to test out on TikTok and help you get into the festive spirit.

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I have the best Christmas gift ❤️ holidaycovers #handmadegifts #fy #fyp #christmas

♬ What Christmas Means to Me – John Legend

Try adding your name to one of these suggestions!

1. JingleBells_(name)

2. Rudolf_(name)

3. HoHoHo_(name)

4. MrsClaus_(name)

5. (name)_inawinterwonderland

6. (name)_santasfavourite

7. Snowy_(name)

8. (name).is.a.elf

9. (name)thesnowman

10. (name)thesnowwoman

11. itsbeginningtolookalotlike_(name)mas

12. (name)_isachristmastree

13. rednosed_(name)

14. (name)_underthemistletoe

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15. Snowbunni_(name)

16. (name)loveschristmas

17. King/Queen_oftheholidays(name)