TikTok: Meaning of Yawawe explored – Join Vincent Gao’s movement!

Screenshot from Instagram @iamvincentgao

Vincent Goa has started this bizarre “Yawawe” movement on TikTok. Let’s explore the meaning of the word and what this movement is all about.

If you check the hashtag #yawawe on TikTok, you will see that it has received more than 77 million views, all thanks to Vincent Gao. Let us explore the meaning of this trend.

Different meanings of Yawawe

There is a Japanese word (柔い) that is pronounced as Yawawe which means soft, weak, tender, weakness, gentleness, etc.

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But this is not the meaning that got so popular on TikTok. There are various meanings of this word in different languages. Let’s see what urban dictionary has to say about this word.

Urban dictionary

This dictionary says that Yawawe means –

The conversations you have with the girl or guy you’re crushing on which that has not physical proof, usually to the escalation of masterbation at the same time
Yo do you know who my yawawe is?
Do you guys know what yawawe means?
Yawawe!! Hey

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Sadly, this is also not the definition that TikTokers are using right now.

TikTok definition and movement

Unfortunately, there is no real meaning to this word. This is just something that the TikToker Vincent Gao says on his videos when he is pranking strangers.

Vincent Gao (@imvincentgao) is a popular TikToker with 2.3 million followers. His content includes using the same 3-5 pranks on different strangers and then shouting Yawawe at the end. He called this his Yawawe movement. There is no rhyme or reason for the usage of this word.

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He is even popular on Instagram (@imvincentgao) with 129k followers. His YouTube channel (@Vincent Gao Shorts) is just in its early stages where he only has 19 subscribers. Here he posts the bloopers of his pranks.

Vincent posted a blooper on TikTok three days ago (13th April 2021) that got more than 7 million views. He took off a girl’s jacket, threw it up, and ran away to hide in an open box in the middle of the road.

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The girl and her friend didn’t even care. They just laughed about how he is hiding in the box and they just “sorry we can’t do this”.

A user commented that “You are now posting videos where the actors are literally bailing on the gig mid take!?”

Basically, Yawawe is a made-up word and Vincent is staging actors to start chanting that word with him.