How to use the rainbow wave filter on TikTok

Screenshot from TikTok @aorbaxk

A filter that can make everyone look beautiful on TikTok is getting really popular. Here’s how to use the rainbow wave filter to become a sensation.

The best part about this filter is that it hides all the acne marks and pigments and makes you look out of the world with rainbow colors. This filter will exaggerate all your features and make you look like a God/Goddess. So let’s check out how to use this filter and then see some awesome attempts.

How to use the rainbow wave filter on TikTok

This filter comes in the “must try” category because it is so amazing that you might get addicted to using it. If you want to start using the filter, just click on this link and you are all set to use it.

This filter is on the Effects page on TikTok. Once you select this effect, just click on the record button and start shining like a rainbow.

Another thing you will need with this filter is this song – Jxmez999 – Mackenzie Smith 🖤. Now you are ready to use this amazing filter.

Why use this filter?

Using this filter will give you an instant confidence boost that nothing else can. Use this filter on your favorite picture and see it transform from a 10 to 100.

This filter makes you look like a piece of art. It also comes in waves so that you can kinda do a silhouette challenge as well like this guy below.

Best ways to use this creative filter is to get creative yourself. Use it on your art, do the anime silhouette challenge, or just use it on the best thing you can think of and see what happens.

Share your attempt with us in the comments below.

Best TikTok attempts


my account is private now so i can post this right😼 #rainbowwave

♬ Jxmez999 – Mackenzie Smith 🖤