Menace to Society: TikTok Song uses humor to describe Bad Boy Issues


TikTok fans are always enthusiastic when it comes to creating trends. Users of this app are usually very good at turning popular songs into raging online trends.

Thousands of billboard blockbusters have been recreated on TikTok by Gen-Z, and the pattern continues. Menace to Society is a talking point on TikTok, where the original song- Tampa by Cico P is explored and expressed by users in dozens of different ways.

Explaining the Menace to Society trend

If you are a keen TikTok consumer, you’re probably familiar with this trend by now. If not, read on to know more about this latest song-trend on TikTok. Like with most trends, people are free to interpret the meaning of the song individually. There are plenty of hilarious examples of the song being synced by TikTok users against a wide array of societal backgrounds.

What is ‘Menace to Society’ all about?

In a nutshell, Menace to Society snippets will portray rogue issues of some sort or the other. These videos highlight actions, gestures and mannerisms that will be considered a bad influence by most people. Be it a junkie with a hoodie, a disobedient eighth-grader, or a school-punk covered in tats- stereotypes of ‘menace’  has been explained in these popular TiKTok videos by users in a very comical way.

Some of the best examples on TikTok

Here are some of the funniest examples of Menace to Society songs trending on TikTok. As punishment for swearing (which is considered bad behavior), we see a dad rinsing his son’s mouth with a huge bar of soap! Teenagers with tattoos being penalized because they look menacing is another good example.

Parents who worry too much about their kids playing computer games are parodied by some users as well. So, if you wanna be a part of the cool club on TikTok, get inspired by these videos and show us your interpretation of menace!