TikTok: “Have you ever been in love?” viral sound clip origin explored with examples!

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TikTokers who are in love are showing if off with this new viral sound clip of “Have you ever been in love?”

So if you are up for a couple challenge or a solo one with the memories of your partner then this can be a way to show how much you are in love. So grab on to all the pictures and videos of you and your partner together and get ready to show them off.

Origin of this viral sound clip

This audio clip consists of 3 sentences which go like this –
A -“Have you ever been in love?”
B – “I don’t think so”
A – “Do you want me to describe it to you?”

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This audio clip has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok this month (April 2021). It was posted by a user named Brett (@bayleysbf). There are more than 99k videos with this sound as the background on this platform.

A lot of TikTokers are wondering the origin of this clip though because it has only been named as “cute sound” by Brett on TikTok. We searched high and low for you so that we can share the origin of this clip with you.

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The audio clip is taken from the second season of a British teen comedy-drama television series called the Skins. One of the characters named Cassie says the first dialogue “Have you ever been in love?” and when she gets a reply, she describes her definition of love in a few short video clips. You can check out the video from the series below.

The way she described her love without words was what moved the TikTokers. They started sharing their definitions of love in the same way.

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How to do this challenge

Make a video of all the beautiful moments of you and your love together to demonstrate how you would describe love. Then shoot a video of you lip-syncing to the dialogue of the audio clip. Merge these two together and you are good to go!

Best TikToks of ‘Have you ever been in love” clip


please say someone understands🧍🏻‍♀️

♬ cute sound – brett

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♬ cute sound – brett

Work friends hit different 🥺

♬ cute sound – brett

What is your definition of love?