Who is TIkTok star @poloboy’s baby mama?

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A piece of surprising news is circulating on TikTok our favorite celeb @poloboy has a baby… Why is this the first time we are hearing about it?

Was Marco Borghi (@poloboy) trying to hide the baby? If so, why would he do that? Who is the mother of this baby and what is their relationship status? Let us explore the life of this TikTok star today!

Who is Polo Baby?

@poloboy, aka Marco Borghi, is a very popular TikToker from the USA. He creates funny and cute content for all his social media – Instagram (@officialpolo.boy), TikTok (@poloboy), and YouTube (@Polo Boy).

He has more than 200k followers and subscribers on every platform but he gets the most reach on TikTok with more than 4.5 million followers.

Marco was born on 23rd April, 2002 so he is 19 years old right now. This teenager is 5’10” tall in height with a muscular build. You can recognize him with his bright blue eyes and brown hair.

What most people like about him is his personality, his dance routines, lip-sync videos, and the way he talks. Marco also joined the OT House which is a collaborative group of TikTok content creators.

Does he have a baby?

Apparently, Marco got a girl pregnant but chose not to be a part of the family. The girl who got pregnant is Arielle Rodriguez. She posted on Instagram stories a few hours ago (11th May 2021) about what went down with them.

Arielle showed us the photos of them together when they were in a relationship, the ultrasound of the baby, the screenshots of their conversation, etc. We were able to capture a few stories today. Here they are –

So Marco does have a baby on the way and he is trying to get along with Arielle right now. You can see all the stories she has put up in the video below.

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Ahhh now you know. Please don’t bash her or the baby. I ask for a crumb of privacy please 🤲🏻🗿

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