Zombie Woman on TikTok? Check out the viral video by @Sixtwentyseven

Photo- Alexander Krivitski Source- Unsplash

TikTok’s latest viral video is spreading some serious spooky vibes on social media. The video shows us a woman who looks like someone straight out of a zombie movie. The distorted, gory face of the person has gained her the name ‘zombie woman’.

Users are wondering whether the clip has come out as part of a movie set or is it real! It could be a prankster with scary makeup or an unfortunate accident victim. But whatever it is, the video has gained millions of views on TikTok and is now spreading onto other social media platforms too.

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Who is Sixtwentyseven on TikTok?

The video on TikTok is resulting in major debates among users regarding how ‘real’ the zombie woman is. This creepy video clip was posted by a TikTok user called @sixtwentyseven.

She has more than thirty thousand followers and millions of likes on her page. The TikTok user posted the video with a caption where she claims to have seen the ‘zombie woman’ outside her window. She also posted more details about the mystery ‘zombie woman’ in the next post.

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Not one, but two Zombie Woman clips

Users are wondering if this is just another quick publicity trick to gain internet fame or the woman in the video is a real person (or zombie!) Within just 24 hours of uploading the video on TikTok, it has gained a massive 900,000 views online.

@Sixtwentyseven posted a second video with a bit more detail added. In this clip, we can see the ‘zombie woman’ staggering across the street slowly. She barely has any hair, her clothes are semi-ripped and her face is distorted like an accident victim.

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The face. Torn clothes. 3 strands of hair. Agonizing screams. 😱 I was shook. The police ended up coming to help her #fyp #foryoupage #mystery #zombie

♬ original sound – RabekkiJeanate

Is it a real Zombie Woman on TikTok?

The TikTok user who posted the video also claimed in her second caption that the police were involved to help the woman. In the second video, we see the apparent zombie woman screaming in agony as she walks across the street.

This second video went more viral than the first, reaching a whopping 6.2 million views in less than 24 hours. Now, movie set or real- the video will certainly leave you shocked with its creepy content.