Who is Dr Chomo? TikTok users claim he deleted entire LGBTQ Discord server

Photo- Franck Source- Unsplash

Dr Chomo is a popular name trending on TikTok this week. Thousands of TikTok users are calling out a person named Dr Chomo. Social media platforms are teeming with users doing an exposure act on Dr Chomo, who has apparently deleted the online LGBTQ-community server on Discord.

No one knows who exactly Dr Chomo is, or where he came from. Why he deleted the server on Discord is not known either. Dr Chomo is an unknown internet hacker, who used this fake name to create discontentment among online communities.

What is Dr Chomo claiming?

Dr Chomo has gained rapid popularity (although negative) on the internet by the stunt he pulled. The deletion of the LGBTQ Discord server by Dr Chomo came as a big shock to its huge user base. Discord has nearly a billion users and is known to be one the best social media platforms to communicate online.

This peculiar guy called Dr Chomo is highly trending on social media ever since he deleted the LGBT server on Discord. Many users on TikTok are accusing him of invading and wrongfully deleting the server for LGBTQ people.

What TikTok says

TikTok says, the user named Dr Chomo joined the LGBTQ community on Discord two years ago and pretended to be one of them the whole time. He became so well-known and famous on Discord over time that he eventually became its admin.

Soon after that, he started to block every member in the group and then deleted the server irreversibly. The server has now vanished, with all its group members and information completely wiped out.