What is the Reverse Blusher hack? New challenge revealed!

blush reverse
Screenshot from TikTok @abigailvanceee

There’s a new challenge on TikTok which everyone is trying at the moment. It involves putting heavy blusher all on your face as your first step for your makeup…

In this article, we’ll discuss what this challenge involves, how to do it, and reveal if it’s worth trying, so keep reading!

What is the Reverse Blusher challenge?

The Reverse Blusher challenge involves picking up your brightest color of blush and applying it all over your face before applying the rest of your makeup.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way this will turn out good…

But this hack is viral for a reason!

Some of the results are great, making people question why they were ever so scared of blusher!

How can I do the hack on TikTok?

To get involved in the fun, try out these steps!

  • First apply blusher to your cheekbones, forehead, and your nose.
  • Then blend out the blush with a makeup brush.
  • Apply your chosen foundation and concealer.
  • Finally apply the rest of whatever makeup you would usually wear (mascara, eyebrows, etc.)
  • Then you’re done! (And hopefully looking good)

Does it actually work?

I don’t know about you but applying red blush all over my face before leaving the house sounds terrifying.

We’re here to help before you make the mistake of trying this challenge and it going horribly wrong…

TikTok users are curious as to whether the challenge actually works, or is a complete fail, and there’s a lot of mixed opinions from users who have attempted the challenge…

TikTok user @richardson_abi had great results!

However, user @larahxsan isn’t a fan of the makeup hack…


Tried the viral blusher hack… not sure I’m a fan yet #fyp #foryou #fypage #Bossit2021 #blusherviral #blusherhack

♬ Streets – Doja Cat

Neither is user @abigailvanceee, who took it off because she thought the results were a ‘flop’.

TikTok users can’t keep up with these crazy trends anymore – and neither can we!

However, they are loving the results on @ling.kt ‘s attempt!


Blusher hack inspired by @sellmakasumoviq @lenkalul products in comments. #blusherhack #makeuphacks #makeuptips #protips #learnontiktok #makeuptut

♬ Rasputin (7″ Version) – Boney M.

Viewers commented “This is much better than one I saw. I love it” (@maria_fracassi) and “At first I was UNSURE but then I trusted the process and it turned out great” (@umhikarina).

Now you’ve seen others try, why not try yourself!

Let us know your thoughts on the Reverse Blusher challenge. Is it a hit or a fail?