TikTok: Story behind the Ikea tote bag – and where to buy it!

Screenshot from TikTok @joannahopelai

There has been a sudden trend of buying Ikea tote bags on TikTok. Let’s explore the origin and whether or not we all should get on that trend.

A lot of users are trying to get their hands on these bags only to find out that they are all sold out due to this trend. What is so amazing about these tote bags? Scroll to find out.

Why should you buy the Ikea tote bag

A user named Joanna Hope Lai (@joannahopelai) posted a video on 24th June 2021 that started it all. She posted a video on “Gifts to get people in Hawaii” that you can check out below. It got 331k views in a month so far (27th July 2021).

After that, she posted several videos of reactions of people she gifted them to. You can see how grateful and appreciative they are of this gift. Not to mention excited. Who knew fancy trash bags are a thing?

This video posted above went viral and received 2.5 million views within two days. This is why the user posted another video explaining why people love these bags so much.


Reply to @magdamac6 Why do people in #Hawaii love #IKEABags? No #IKEA on island!What I’ve learned in #moving to Oahu! #IKEABagChallenge #Sweden

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So the reason why everybody in Hawaii loves them is because there aren’t any Ikea stores on the island and also because plastic bags are outlawed at grocery stores.

This means these bags would really come in handy there and they are so spacious and water-resistant that you can use them for your picnics, beach trips, etc.

TikTok responses

The responses in terms of comments and videos were so overwhelming that the trendsetter, Joanna, went ahead and got a P.O box number to receive more such bags from her fans.

She used the hashtag #Ikeabagchallenge that all the users immediately joined. A lot of users have sent her bags for this challenge and she is gifting them to her friends and sharing their reactions with us.

Other users have felt FOMO kicking in and they are running to the store to get them.

Have you bought the bag yet? What do you think of these tote bags?