TikTok: Who is Elle Bielfeldt? Meyers Leonard’s wife in hate comment onslaught

Elle Bielfeldt TikTok.

Boasting over 500k followers, Elle Bielfeldt, wife of Meyers Leonard, uses TikTok to share insights into her life as a wife of an NBA player.

Recently, Bielfeldt’s TikTok and Instagram has been flooded with negative comments. Read on to find out why.

Who is Elle Bielfeldt?

Twenty-nine-year-old Elle Bielfeldt is the wife to Miami Heat centre, Meyers Leonard.

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The couple have been dating for 10 years – since Elle was 19 and tied the knot together in 2015.

Outside of her marriage, Elle is focused on entrepreneurship and has founded her own protein bar company, Level Foods. This idea came about after noticing that her husband was struggling to recover from basketball training.

Likewise, Elle also co-founded the Meyers Leonard brand, which is an apparel company.

The entrepreneur and NBA wife is also an avid social media user, using platforms to share snippets of her life to her followers.

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Why is Meyers Leonard under fire?

During a Twitch session earlier this month, Leonard used an anti-semitic slur and created huge controversy online.

Online users were quick to call out Leonard for his problematic behaviour. As such, the NBA star issued an apology via Instagram.


Miami Heat also issued a statement, disclosing that Leonard will be away from the team for a while.

Why is Elle Bielfeldt’s TikTok receiving backlash?

Following Leonard using a racial slur during a live stream, the couple have received negative comments and backlash.

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Although Meyers Leonard claimed that he wasn’t aware what the slur meant at the time, internet users are finding it hard to believe him.

Consequently, people have taken to Elle’s TikTok and Instagram to express their anger with the Miami Heat player.

Elle recently created a TikTok video titled ‘a day in the life as an NBA wife’, to which she received comments such as:

“You not an NBA wife anymore…”

“Welp you ain’t gonna be going to those events anymore.”

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“Something tells me she’s not going to be posting for a while.”

Elle, herself, is yet to address the controversy surrounding her husband.