Arna Kimiai Uber drama explained – and Kimiai’s response on Instagram!

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Three females, including Arna Kimiai, have harassed an Uber driver in San Francisco. Here’s what happened and Kimiai’s response.

During these uncertain times, we are all asked to wear a face-covering to keep each other safe, especially indoors and when the rule of 2 metres apart can’t be maintained. Three anti-mask women lost their temper when their Uber driver, who was wearing a mask, required them to all wear a mask.

Arna Kimiai Uber drama explained

Arna Kimiai was identified to be one of the three women who seemingly harassed an Uber driver in San Francisco, US.

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The Uber driver, named Subhakar, spoke to ABC News about the incident and claimed that he was subject to disrespectful behaviour, slurs, and one grabbing his mask and phone.

The video taken by Uber’s surveillance camera shows Arna Kimiai not wearing a mask. Uber driver Subhakar asked her to wear a mask but Kimiai claimed she didn’t have one.

While the passengers refused to get off the car, the driver then pulled up to a gas station for Kimiai to buy a mask, she refused and that’s when the situation got out of hand.

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The three women started yelling at the driver and Kimiai was coughing towards the driver, took off his mask aggressively and attempted to take his phone.

Arna Kimiai’s response on Instagram Live

After the video of the three women seemingly harassing the driver went viral, Arna Kimiai did an Instagram Live to tell her side of the story.

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In the live stream, Kimiai said: “All I did was take his mask off and cough for a little bit, I don’t even have Corona. Okay I’m not going to lie that was disrespectful.”

She continues saying that Uber didn’t share the whole video and that she’s going to sue Uber. After the live stream, Kimiai has made her Instagram account private.

Arna Kimiai allegedly harassed another driver

From what it looks like, this isn’t the first time Arna Kimiai has had trouble with drivers.

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A video of her being disrespectful to an Asian driver in Hawaii was leaked by an anonymous user, according to Jackfroot on Twitter.